What Are People Saying About “Drive Safe, Stop Safe?”

“When I think of the program Drive Safe, Stop Safe, I just don’t think of another program. I think of a program that possesses all the promises and qualities to teach our children. This program is definitely a program that has made a tremendous contribution in the safety of driving among our students with the Chicago Public Schools.”

Jacqueline S. Harper
Chicago Public Schools
Coordinator of Driver Education

“Drive Safe, Stop Safe addresses a very important issue, traffic stop safety. A lot of people, especially young people, don’t understand that police officers are human, and that they are just doing their jobs. Motorists should oblige, be courteous, and cooperate.”

Tim Hardaway
Retired NBA All-Star

“The Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge No. 7 is proud to once again support Drive Safe, Stop Safe. This program allows for an opportunity to further understand the importance of becoming good, safe and responsible drivers in Chicago, an opportunity which will benefit the students, the Police and the members of every community.”

Mark P. Donahue
Fraternal Order of Police
Chicago Lodge No. 7

“Information on traffic stop safety isn’t widely available. That’s why I think Drive Safe, Stop Safe is so important. Motorists need to know the proper things to do when they are stopped by the police to avoid conflict.”

Derrek Lee
All-Star First Baseman
Chicago Cubs