About the Authors

Eddie Chapman, Jr. is the initiator and supervisor of this Posterbook project. Eddie is a retired law enforcement officer for the Chicago Police Department and has received numerous awards of excellence for his achievements. He is a strong advocate against drug abuse and gang resistance, and has taught various preventive programs in the Chicago area public school system. One program was based on traffic stop safety. Realizing a more widespread need for education on traffic stops, Eddie developed the Posterbook, “Drive Safe, Stop Safe,” in conjunction with Rx Humor. It has been endorsed by the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge No. 7. “Drive Safe, Stop Safe” has been used in CPS driver’s education courses. NBA team the Memphis Grizzlies also provided the innovative Posterbook to its players. Additionally, Eddie travels around the country to promote traffic stop safety.

Neil Shulman, M.D. is the inventor of the PosterBook concept, and the project consultant. Dr. Shulman is an Associate-Professor at the Emory School of Medicine, a stand-up comedian, and a writer. His work includes the book which the film Doc Hollywood, starring Michael J.Fox, was based on.

Zoe Haugo is the Posterbook writer, coordinator, and artistic director, and currently works as assistant to Dr. Shulman. She is a writer/editor who has published in various health-related magazines, such as Canadian Complete Health and the CDC's international Emerging Infectious Diseases publication.

Michael Swaim is the Posterbook illustrator. He is a long-time cartoonist for Atlanta's Community Review newspaper and The Actuarial Digest magazine. He received the Georgia State University Impact Award for two consecutive years in honor of his humorous and political illustrations in the campus newspaper.